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Last month we announced that we would bring our clubs a newly designed fresh and responsive website template launching soon – we can now update you on our latest progress and provisional timescales.

Latest News Page

The new Latest News template features a grid of news items with buttons linking to each article in the club’s colours, by default. Emphasis here is on the content.

If no image has been set for a particular news item, then the club logo on a coloured square will show in place of there being no image. This is shown in the image above.

Fixtures and Results page - Grassroots Connected club websites

Fixtures and Results Page

You will be given the choice of 2 templates to choose from for displaying your upcoming fixtures and recent results on one page. The one shown in the screenshot above is the stylish list-style template whilst there will be an alternate table format choice.

The setup for adding fixtures and logging results using our system is the same as before. We have retained the existing filter feature, to filter matches by season and squad.

Each match listed on the Fixtures and Results page will link to a separate page displaying an optional match report, team lineups and key stats.

Embedding league tables from FA Full-Time

FA Full-Time supplies you with html code based on your league, division and season, as defined in the Feeds section on your league’s FA Full-Time site. Once you have copied the html code, paste this code as a new Custom HTML block in the text editor.

You will also be able to add a hyperlink in the footer of your site to your league’s FA Full-Time website. This will display in the Links section towards the bottom of every page, including the homepage – example shown here.

Progress Timeline

– Header – completed 18/05/2020
– Footer – completed 18/05/2020
– Home Page – completed 18/05/2020
– Latest news page template – completed 12/06/2020
– Fixtures page template – completed 14/06/2020
– Admin panel – started 12/06/2020

To Do:
– Add sidebar to all pages (with club Twitter feed and website search feature)
– Contact page template (with GDPR contact form)
– Staff page template (with profiles/contact info)
– Volunteering vacancies template (link to admin)
– Club documents page template (link to admin)
– Sponsors page template (with sponsor logos)
– Player stats page template (by squad/season)
– Squads page template (overview of teams)
– Safeguarding page template (with FA links)
– Add social sharing buttons

When will you be launching the new template?

Our intention is to be in a position to launch the new website template by the end of the month. We will then make any changes required following feedback during an initial consultation with clubs. We are currently working towards a timeline of an expected mid-July launch.

Recently, we have made good progress and the majority of the website build has been completed. We hope to bring you further updates on progress later this week or next week, this may include the new admin panel and other features.

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