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Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your club website subscription by going to your Grassroots Connected website admin panel and going to Dashboard > Website Subscription. For security reasons we ask that you cancel your subscription through your admin panel and not by email.

Note: Payment will no longer be collected and your subscription will expire at the expiry date shown in your website’s admin panel.

Deleting your club website

You must first cancel your website subscription within your admin panel (follow the steps outlined above).

You can then proceed to delete your club website with Grassroots Connected by logging into your admin panel and going to Settings > Delete Website. You should see a similar admin screen to the one pictured above.

Warning: this will permanently delete all content and accounts associated with your club website. This is inline with GDPR requirements and any terms set out in our Privacy Policy still applies in relation to your customer account records for tax and/or legal reporting purposes.

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