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Click here to read the Grassroots Connected Privacy Policy.

Our club websites are GDPR compliant and request express consent from users to allow them to access services and any affiliated products provided by Grassroots Connected. This may include information and links to a GDPR privacy policy and/or express opt-in consent through a webpage popup banner. This excludes hyperlinks and other features later embedded or added by our teams and clubs, which are beyond our reasonable control.

Clubs must only publish content inline with Grassroots Connected, legal, FA and other sports governing bodies.

As a club you must appoint a data protection officer or other authorised person and if necessary register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

We would advise you (the Club) to copy and paste, and where necessary adapt, the Privacy Policy found on the Grassroots Connected website. A hyperlink to this privacy policy can also be found in the footer of Grassroots Connected club websites.

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